Helping Experts Like You Create Impact with
Your Ideas and Get Your Message Heard
"Every mind needs friendly contact with other minds, for food of expansion and growth.”
- Napoleon Hill

You Don't Have to Go It Alone Anymore

Building a business based on your knowledge, skills, and experiences is hard, isolating, exhausting work. 
The Responsibility is Daunting
Every day you have to make more and more decisions, often about things you’re doing for the first time. Every situation seems to test the limits of your knowledge. Even in the best moments you feel out of your depth and uncertain about your next move.
It’s frustrating because you started your journey excited. You had a message, you knew there were people who needed to hear it, and you wanted to become their guide and help them.
Now it just feels exhausting, exasperating, and (occasionally) exhilarating.
The constant self-doubt and second guessing, the non-stop mental gymnastics, the over-thinking of even the smallest actions, the daily handling of all those little details only you can handle…because, after all, it is your business.
Oh, and don't forget those pesky little problems around revenue and cash flow — aka the never-ending roller coaster ride over which you seem to have zero control. 
What If It Could Be Different?
Chances are you already know it can be different. 
You’ve had a few of those weeks when everything went right...
  • When you experienced the euphoria of walking proudly off the stage after delivering your message to an audience of people whose lives you know you changed. 
  • When you devoted a long weekend or pulled an all nighter to deliver on your promise and provide truly great work to a consulting client.
  • When you basked in the glow as a coaching client shared their story about landing a big contract as a result of the advice and insight you gave them.
Nothing feels better (even if those days seem few and far between).
You want nothing more than to discover the path that makes those days the norm, not the exception. 
But sometimes the emptiness, the stress of indecision, and the glacial slowness of results makes you question your sanity and wonder what made you think starting this business was a good idea.  
And yet you wouldn’t want it any other way, would you?
Imagine How It Could Feel
When I made the decision to make my expert business my full-time gig, all I wanted was to be able to help people by pushing them to discover and reveal their true potential. I wanted to enable them to speak up and share their message and to have the privilege of being their guide as they created their impact.
But what I really needed was...
  • Someone to listen who understood the reality of what I was facing every day
  • Some place to get advice from people who had actual experience
  • Somewhere safe to share my doubts and help me put them into context
  • Some way to become more confident and clear about the next right step to take
That’s exactly what I found when I joined a mastermind group...
  • A de facto Board of Advisors who shared my commitment and wanted to help me succeed.
  • A group of peers who pushed me to take action and produce results, then held me accountable for doing so.
  • A place where my ideas could be heard, challenged, and tested, and where I felt safe to sharing my doubts and concerns.
I Want To Help You Succeed
Being part of a mastermind group gave me the traction I had long been seeking, leading to a doubling of my annual gross revenues in less than 45 days. The group also provided me with a sounding board for my ideas along with practical guidance for taking action, thereby increasing my comfort, confidence, and clarity so I could focus on getting the right things done each day. 
And I want the same thing for you.
That's why I am lauching the Vision Speaker Mastermind.
Though I can't guarantee specific outcomes or promise that you will 2x, 3x, or 10x your business, I can promise you that making the commitment to engage and play full out will change your business (and you) in significant ways. 
By regularly connecting and engaging with like-minded people who share a commitment to support one another in the pursuit of success, you will experience these amazing things:
  • Knowing what it feels like to have your idea affirmed so you know you're on the right track
  • Trusting that you have a ‘group of people' who will push you to move past whatever is blocking you
  • Feeling comfortable sharing your doubts and concerns, knowing they will be heard, understood, accepted, and respected
  • Engaging with others who are on the same path who truly 'get' what you are going through
  • Experiencing the power of the mastermind where the collective brainpower exceeds what any one individual can provide
  • Producing the amazing results that come from being focused and on purpose every day as you create impact with your ideas and get your message heard
The impacts on your business, your life, and your success will be real, and the peace of mind you gain will be priceless.
So let's get started evaluating whether this is the right next step for you.

Hello, Nice to Meet You!

I'm Michael Hudson. I'm not a New York Times best-selling author (yet). You probably wouldn't recognize the names of most of the over 3,000 clients I've served across the past 35 years. And chances are slim that you were in the audience at any of the 8,000-plus speeches and presentations I've delivered in that time.
Why would you want to join a mastermind group I facilitate? 
Because I think we are a lot alike. 
Chances are you visited this page (and read this far) because you have a dream...
...You want to do something useful with those ideas that constantly race around in your brain because you have a vision of the impact they can create.
...You want to make sense of all the crap you've experienced because you know you can help others avoid the pitfalls, overcome the obstacles, and shorten their learning curve. 
...You want to get your message heard because you know you're not the only one who can benefit from what it has taught you (and because you need to know that your journey has been worth it).
...You want to quiet those annoying voices (including the one inside your head) because you know they couldn’t be more wrong.
...You want to create a sustainable business where you leverage your unique experiences and your personal journey, because you know that is why you are here.
I get it. I’ve felt that way most of my life.
Driven by a Deep Longing
You see deep inside of me I have this intense desire to push people to be their best (including myself), and the need to find a way to do that has been at the center of every career decision I’ve ever made.
It’s what led me to rein in my entrepreneurial spirit and ultimately to a career in the world of academia. I spent my first five and a half years at the University of Illinois where I had the opportunity to co-lead the creation of a new program that quickly gained national recognition as a top program in the area of food and agribusiness management.
After being granted tenure and being recognized within the College and the University, as well as at the national level for excellence in teaching, another opportunity came my way. 
I joined the faculty at Cornell University as the founding director of what was then called the Personal Enterprise Program and led an expansion of the program from four courses in two colleges to a university-wide program with 14 courses in 7 colleges. It was an amazing and rewarding experience, and the program quickly became recognized on the Inc magazine list of the top 20 programs in the nation.
I don’t share any of this to brag, but rather to give you some context for why I do the work I do today, and why it matters to you.
There Has To Be A Better Way
When I left the world of academia after 10 years to make speaking, coaching, and consulting my full-time gig, I struggled on the random revenue roller coaster — accepting engagements that didn't fit to generate revenue, enduring periods of little to no cash inflow (and too much outflow), and constantly searching for the next client or the next speech.
But it turns out there is another way. 
It’s one that took me almost five years to discover and apply, but once I did my business gained traction, I achieved clarity, and the roller coaster ride began to feel more like a comfortable Sunday afternoon drive in the country for more than 15 years until I sold the niche-focused business to focus on helping people like you do the same thing.
I want to help you create impact with your ideas and get your message heard.
That's Why I Created The Vision Speaker Mastermind — to help you define your path, to guide you as you travel on the journey, and to help you gain the traction you need to build a sustainable business where you do the work you love and create impact with your ideas as you get your message heard.

This mastermind is for you if...

  • You are driven to grow your business because you want to create an impact for those you serve.
  • You are working full-time on your business (or will be making that shift within the next few months) because you have to make this happen.
  • You recognize the value of having others share their insights about your business and your life because you know you can't do it alone.  
  • You are committed to helping others in the group because you know you can adding value and want to help them succeed.
  • You are willing and able to commit to weekly online mastermind group meetings because you know the power of everyone being on the same page.
  • You are willing and able to commit to attend two in-person mastermind meetings each year because you want to create genuine relationships. 
  • You are able and willing to invest financially in your mastermind membership because you know the value of investing in yourself and your business. 

When Do We Meet?

Every Tuesday

3:33 pm Eastern (2:33 pm Central, 1:33 pm Mountain, and 12:33 pm)
The power of the mastermind comes from the collective brainpower in the conversation. That's why it's important for everyone to make the commitment to attend and participate in our weekly calls. While we respect and understand the need to miss an occasional meeting, if you are consistently missing the meeting date then we must make room for people who are more serious about committing to the group.

Where Do We Meet?

Zoom Video Conferencing

As long as you have a computer and the internet
We will meet online using Zoom video conferencing. As long as you have a quality internet connection, a device with a camera, and a good set of (ideally noise cancelling) earbuds you can participate from wherever you are. You just need to show up ready to participate and grow your business.

Here's the Structure

Our shared goal will be to use our time together efficiently and effectively. Our one-hour weekly calls will be structured to ensure that everyone contributes and gains, and that we always end on time.
  • 10

    1. It's Time to Celebrate!

    We'll open each meeting with a round robin discussion of our progres and success since we last met. If you consider it progress or success (whether business or persona) we want to celebrate it with you. There is no bar to be passed relative to significance. If it was meaningful to you and moves you closer to your personal and professional goals, it fits!
  • 40

    2. It's Your Turn On Center Stage

    After we finish our celebrations it's time for two members of the group to take individual 20 minute turns on center stage. The member will present a specific opportunity, problem, or challenge they are facing to the group. The group will then provide candid and brutally honest feedback to help the member break past whatever is in their way and open their mind to a new direction that will provide a positive outcome for their business.
  • 10

    3. What's Your Focus this Week?

    Once we wrap up the center stage discussions we will do a round robin style check-out where each member will share their focus for the upcoming week. Members will be encouraged to be as specific as possible regarding the actions to be take and the outcomes to be produced, as well as any support they need from members to help them succeed.



    "If you need help refining your vision and communicating your story, then you need to hire Michael. He has personally helped my business grow tenfold, and I attribute a great deal of personal and professional growth to his insights. Michael has made a huge difference in my business and my life."

    "The fastest, most significant advances I’ve made in my personal and professional life have been when I became a part of an elite group of high-performers who came together for support and accountability. Michael’s mastermind is exactly that, where steel sharpens steel; his masterful facilitation skills help bring out the best in the members. Get ready for the results you could never get on your own!"

    "Michael Hudson is a brilliant teacher
    of dynamic communication. He is seasoned, strategic, and unique in
    his ability to draw out and develop the communicator and thus leader,
    in each person."

    "Every interaction with Dr. Hudson stretches my thinking and refines my strategy. He has a unique gift to clarify the real issue and help me create a personalize strategy. If you ever get the opportunity to interact with him on any level...seize it!"

    "Michael Hudson is a difference-maker. He is a wise counselor who speaks vision into other people. He Helps you articulate your own vision. And helps you communicate that vision with power, purpose, and passion."

    "The answers are in the questions. To say that Micahel is terrific at asking just the right Socratic question, at the right time, is an understatement. He is brilliant at getting to the core issues in both business and personal development."


When you apply for membership in the Vision Speaker Mastermind, you have my promise to help you decide if this is the right next step for you — the step that will help you:

  • Gain the confidence, clarity, and commitment needed to grow your business, create impact with your ideas, and get your message heard;
  • Avoid the pitfalls, overcome the obstacles, and short-cut the path to success in your efforts; and
  • Enjoy being part of a group of people who support and challenge one another to be their best every day.

It would be an honor and a privilege to be your guide, and I look forward to speaking with you after you've completed the application.


To apply for membership in the Vision Speaker Mastermind, please click the link below. The link will take you to an online application where you can share a bit about your business, where you want to take it, and what you will need from the group. When you complete the application and click the 'submit' button, you'll be taken to my calendar where you can schedule a one-on-one 30-minute conversation with me so we can further explore your interest and decide if the Vision Speaker Mastermind is a good fit for you.
Thank you for taking the first step. I look forward to speaking with you soon!